10 Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2015

10mtAs the business-to-business arena closes out a strong 2013, Business Marketing talked with various players to take stock of b-to-b marketing to find out what will emerge as the hottest trends next year. Here’s a look at the 10 strategies that top b-to-b marketers will focus on in 2014.

1. One-to-one marketing. Direct marketing has been a fast-growing area of business-to-business communications for years, but where it once was key to talk directly to customers, now it’s crucial to talk directly with them. One-to-one marketing is referred to interchangeably as feedback marketing and relationship marketing.

Its premise: Use databases to create very …

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Railroads Keep Dominating

Railroads are staging a comeback in profitability and competing for the freight shipper’s dollar with aggressive packaging and marketing.

rrkdaThere are more options to move goods to market than ever before – whether it’s a houseful of furniture or a mineload of coal.

Logically, the option chosen has lowest overall cost and is the easiest to use. As the traffic growth of trucks, barges, pipelines and airborne carriers has shown, railroads have not fared well.

In 1980, the Association of American Railroads says trucks carried about one-fifth of the intercity freight. Since then, the intercity freight pie increased 25%, but trucks’ …

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Internet Marketing Can Extend Your Reach Beyond Regional Limits

imsdmBring your products and services to the farthest part of the world by hiring internet marketing companies for your next marketing campaign. These companies have access to all the sophisticated tools that will help you make your business visible to all potential clients around the world who have access to the internet.

Using modern software and new applications, your advertisements can now be seen in mobile devices such as iPhones and tablets. With excellent strategies, internet marketing San Diego companies can achieve results beyond your imagination. These companies will provide Pay-per-click software to let you find out how many internet users click …

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Facing Traumas Is First Step In Removing Panic From Your Life

ftfsrHave you ever faced some fear which overwhelmed you so much that you got a panic attack? If that has happened to you, then you know the symptoms. You have probably started to shake and sweat, while your heart was beating so much that you thought you will going to die. If that situation happens often, then you probably have panic disorder.

It seems simple, but the solution for your problem is in learning about how to deal with life. How to control panic attacks? First, you will need to sit down and think about your life. Are there special situations when …

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Exhibiting Your Best

eybGimmicks to draw trade show visitors to exhibits are as old as the medium. And despite growing exhibitor sophistication, tried-and-true attractions like magicians, ventriloquists, singers, celebrities and pretty women remain favorite ways to generate booth traffic.

Of course, bringing more people into the booth does not automatically guarantee more qualified leads. Data from Exhibit Surveys, Red Bank, N.J., shows an average of just 37% of exhibit visitors plan to buy products.

The exhibitor can boost that percentage by planning an integrated show program that selectively attracts prospects. Such programs usually include preshow promotion, live presentations, staff training, advertising and giveaways.

Preshow work

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Beating Them At Their Own Game

btatogSuppose you wanted to whup the Japanese in one of their strongest markets, re-establish a venerable American brand name, make yourself a fortune, and, oh yeah, do it all without spending a lot of your own money.

That’s what William Pearson wants to do – and here’s how he’s been doing it:

First, he bought Argus Industries, maker of Argus-brand cameras, for $500,000 in 1992 from Concord Camera in a leveraged buyout.

Then he started using the marketing clout of other companies to fuel sales of his product.

Expensive advertising? Forget it. Mr. Pearson instead concentrated on business-to-business niche markets – using …

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Postal Service Hikes: Never Ending

pshDirect marketers are responding to the Postal Rate Commission’s proposed $1.6 billion in rate increases by urging the U.S. Postal Service’s Board of Governors to delay the increases until January.

The board originally planned the rate increases to start this month. Most observers expect the rate increases to be approved, but it’s undetermined when they’ll start. The board is expected to decide by the end of June at the earliest.

While a rate increase isn’t good news, it could have been worse. The Postal Rate Commission on May 11 sliced $745 million, or about one-third, of the $2.4 billion increase requested last …

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Belgian Brewers Continue To Impress The World

Stepping through the solid-oak door of De Twee Palen, the taproom for the Het Anker Brewery, in Mechelen, Belgium, is like slipping through a portal into the distant past: Dark coffered wainscoting, low vaulted ceilings, and empty wooden firkins dangling from the walls contribute to a medieval aura that is both creaky and comfortable. Taverns like this one crisscross the Low Countries and offer beers that, with a pinch of spice or a taste of cherry, a whiff of wine or the hint of sourness, appear to be the missing drink–er, link–in the long time line explaining the evolution of malty beverages. …

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Winter Tips For Pets

A winter vision: My 11-year-old Norwegian elkhound, Martha, tumbles and leaps in the snow, tossing white mounds into the air with her nose, her arthritis seemingly lifted away-she’s a winter sprite of a puppy again.

Some animals are built for cold weather. Winter is their season, and it brings them a palpable, infectious joy. Falling temperatures, however, should alert caretakers: While we tend to think of summer’s heat as the weather most threatening to our pets’ health and well-being, winter presents its own set of hazards.

Companion animals should always have access to a house,” says Michael Kaufmann, director of …

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